18 startups incubated in its 9th Intake

spoilz games

an electronic games publishing company and studio that provides publishing services and covers marketing costs for independent developers.


a company that provides an online platform to market, sell, and purchase surplus industrial stocks of oil and petrochemical products between industrial companies in the GCC and across the world. It establishes a system that bridges the gap between sellers and buyers.


a technology company that serves business owners and helps them configure and manage their cloud warehouses using an integrated system that enables them to manage and improve their supply chains.

Fraim app

a company that provides a platform that connects production companies and companies in general with advertising service providers such as photographers, producers, models, actors, appearance experts, and studio owners.


a company specialized in providing innovative technical solutions in the field of car spare parts.


an artificial intelligence and data analysis company that provides a platform that serves restaurants and cafes in the Kingdom.

Autoly Inc.

a company that provides an AI/ML application to help drivers and companies maintain their cars by analyzing damages and providing comprehensive car information.


a logistics solutions company that provides low-cost tracking devices in the form of labels and a realistic software platform to track the location and condition of shipments.


a company that provides a cloud-based software platform to manage customers to help improve company performance and increase sales.


a company that provides a platform to connect restaurant or cafe owners with their customers to allow the latter to order digitally and receive orders without waiting or driving.


a company that provides a platform that supports retail SMEs using a payment method that integrates a loyalty system that helps customers save with instant rewards, and an innovative marketing system.


a company that provides a payment portal that enables companies to accept, sort and transfer encrypted payments, and provides a wallet for customers.

Yamm Pay

a company that provides the latest "Buy Now Pay Later" solutions and online rewards for shoppers.


a company that provides a micro-investment app that helps individuals grow their wealth by investing their surplus money.

Nabt Agri Tech

a company that provides a wholesale shopping platform that connects farmers and fresh produce importers with business consumers.


a company that helps verify the identity of customers using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect identity theft, contributing to the reduction of electronic fraud.


a company that provides an innovative and secure authentication system that enables remote verification using encryption technologies to mitigate cyber risks related to fixed passwords and address relevant key challenges.


a cyber security awareness company that simulates electronic phishing by email and SMS, and then automates responses to email related incidents.

10 Startups incubated in its 8th Intake


ADx is a platform that connects advertisers with their target customers, so you advertise to the right people at the right place, with a fraction of the cost.  


Carly is a next-generation e-commerce platform with an edge to buy & sell used cars online. The company's scalable, data-driven technology will bring all phases of the vehicle buying and selling process to consumers wherever they are and offer an extensive selection of vehicles, transparent pricing, competitive financing, and at-home pick up and delivery


Douk Content Production platform that provides local content to the world through an online platform  


In iWaiter we developed a web app template for restaurants and cafes. When a restaurant registers with us we give him a powerful and customizable web application that can start receiving orders from customers.


Lamha is a spend management software to automate the finance department processes from budgeting, expense control, cash flow management, and providing real-time financial KPIs by utilizing the open banking API and prepaid corporate credit cards. 


Medicarri is an electronic platform specialized in providing all medical products and supplies, as it gathers companies and certified distributors together from the largest medical companies in this field under the name of Medicarri. And the platform facilitates all clinics and hospitals Which makes it easy for tracking and fast delivery


MisMar is an intelligent car assistant, It is designed to manage all vehicles maintenance, regular services, car accidents full services with trusted quality assurance and service guarantee. ,MisMar utilizes both data analytics and IoT to predict car failures and suggesting specific proactive maintenance activity to avoid breakdowns and to have a live status of your car dashboard, key metrics and Location


NQOODLET is dedicated to bringing a world class experience to employees, entrepreneurs, CEOs and CFOs through its innovative corporate cards, expenses platform and service excellence. 


Splyd is a B2B payment solution that facilitates back-to-back purchases between contractors and their suppliers.


WOSUL providing an easy-to-use and linked system that supports... linking all organizations branches points to enable owners to follow their facility numbers anytime and any where. managing inventory and branches points with high efficiency to provide you with real-time, comprehensive and accurate statistics related to your facility.

10 Startups incubated in its 7th Intake


Ratbli is a smart digital platform and application that helps people and organizations in coordinating and arranging all events of different types and sizes through a flexible application that provides the best offers and discounts smoothly with a guarantee of quality and spreading joy and happiness in the attendees.


Sweater App specialized in providing car care mobile services.

Splintr FinTech

Imagine if you can Split & Transact across thousands of online stores? That’s Splintr, a Buy Now Pay Later Fintech that allows the 13 M online shoppers in Saudi to buy what they want & split that amount over 3, 4 or even 6 months. Additionally instead of cash on delivery customers can use Splintr to pay for their purchases 7 & up to 21 days later.


Sahala is a “Buy Now Pay Later” payment solution. With ZERO interest and No hidden fees, you can buy what you need today, and pay for it later after 30 days, or over 4 equal installments, from your place fast and secure.


Otared is the first destination for those wanting to acquire apartments, as it connects the seller and the buyer directly without intermediaries. Otared provides the seller an integrated control panel to manage the selling and buying operations.


A marketplace where farmers can find and compare between many di9erent products and get the best a9ordable products delivered to their farms within a few hours from our nearby warehouses. We provided an e-wallet to fix the cash problem and provide a platform for farmers to build a credit history for themselves so that stores can trust them, and they can pay later. In addition to many other financial solutions.


Golato is an end-to-end sport digital-platform that provides a comprehensive set of solutions to soccer/sport fields and youth academies, owners & clients. It allows the owners to automate all the processes of managing the business. From registration to financial and operational reports.

In like manner, Golato permits the consumer to oversee his transactions with the sport fields and academies, including booking details and membership statutes via our user-friendly Golato app.


Do you know that Saudis only save 1.6 percent of their income, compared to a global average of 10%, and that one of the goals of the 2030 vision is to push this number up to 6%? Well, this is where we come in, Mthmr is a platform that helps users save seamlessly and invest intelligently by analyzing their spending behaviour we provide cashback that goes directly into the users’ savings wallet. We allow round ups to help users save while they’re spending, and we analyze our users spending to help them better manage their financials.


is a mobile application for teaching the Holy Quran and its recitation through skilled teachers available around the clock


WhiteHelmet is an AI and Computer Vision Solution for Progress Tracking, Inspection and Digital Documentation of Construction Sites.

17 Startups incubated in The 6th Intake


A Platform that offers a set off electronic products and services for real estate companies and their customers.

Arzag Plus

A marketplace that connects the customers with the food producers and suppliers directly.


Beuti is a marketplace for beauty salons and makeup artists.


e-Procure empowers B2B buyers and sellers to communicate, manage and trade freely from anywhere and in anytime through a secure blockchain network.


FASTCOO is a software as a service for companies of fulfillment, warehouses, and delivery with a basic monthly subscription payment. We simplify the complexity of the supply chain through technology.


A no code platform to build, launch and manage mobile applications at a fraction of the cost and time.


ISNAAD is an e-Fulfillment company that provides integrated operational solutions for eCommerce's stores owners from storage, packaging, and shipping to the end customer.

Money Loop

It is an electronic platform that enables you to create or join public or private financial associations.


An electronic service that connects stores and their owners with delivery companies, where the speed of delivery can reach less than two hours.


An electronic platform of convoys that connect factories and dessert suppliers with small points of sale directly.


Rize is a Proptech platform that enables investors to invest directly within screened real estate projects and developers.

Safe Pay

A technical platform that is specialized in processing and collecting VAT and custom duties for cross border e-commerce shipments and specially targeting shipping companies and customs clearance agents based on AI techniques.


Specialized e-shop logistics solutions such as delivering e-shop orders via smart cabinets near your home or workplace.


A market research platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain customer insights and analyze multiple data collected in several different ways.


Tweeq will grant the ability to send and receive money, pay utility bills, shop online, withdraw cash from ATMs and many more all from the palm of your hand.


Zawia app creates an internal architectural tale with a team specialized in interior design, which takes care of every corner in your space, to become a tale worthy of telling.


Zyadah provides a smart method for investing in a globally diversified portfolio based on your personal needs. The service is efficient, transparent, low cost, and completely online.

10 Startups incubated in The 5th Intake


An application offers quality service at a competitive price suitable for customers and linking with allies (Car Rental Companies) wherever they are located.


Customer Care Assistant Chatbot that assists, cough replaces, customer care agents. Faster, more accurate responses. Effortless customer care that goes beyond basic FAQS by answering customers most complex questions.


Sulfah is a “Sharia Compliant” online loan portal enables the settlement of small funds to borrowers with money deposited into the client’s bank account within 15 minutes of application submission.

Green Bill

It’s a simple organized electronic receipts place that you can manage your receipts with a lot of features. Moreover, you can reduce the cost of receipts are printing each day. All these features by linking the POS system with our NFC tag.


Fahis is an examiner platform who gathers experts and specialists of used cars to inspect the vehicles through accredited centers. Fahis also provides vehicle transfer services and shipping vehicles to the customer's address.


Select your desired platform and create a request containing the game information and your specific standards, on the other hand players search for requests matching their specifications.


Ayen is an application where customers can order property inspection services online and receive easy-to-read reports from qualified inspectors and help them to make the right decision.


An interactive learning system, designed to apply the Gamification techniques. Techniques to attract students to educational material and prevent dispersion.


Experto is private technical assistance application that provides a reliable technical support service if customer have been hacked or lost important data.

80/20 Lifestyle

80/20 lifestyle is a healthy application covering all aspects of lifestyle (nutrition, sports, sleep, psychological health) according to individual needs and goals under the supervision of certified specialists.

10 Startups incubated In 4th Intake


A platform that makes wholesale grocery shopping conveniently accessible by small businesses and large households.


System enables large-scale screening of chronic conditions. It is composed of three parts: A Chabot, a disease detection engine (deep-neural-network), and an analytics platform optimized for population health management. The system can be used to screen diseases.

UMX studio

Games development studio with goal in mind to convert video games into electronic sports and start online league on smart phones. our games are created from our Arabic and gulf culture in fun way with over 25 million downloads.


Startup company founded to reshape the aviation industry by developing revolutionary Aerial robotics platforms. BRAQ is considered as the first privately held company in the Kingdom specialized in developing and manufacturing commercial Unmanned and Autonomous Systems.


Tridder is social network for experet who gives recommendations and expectations about stocks or manage portfolios, The idea came due to the suffering of many investors because of the loss after following some of the stock experts who publish their forecasts and recommendation on Twitter or the other social networks.

Nota Nota

Nota Nota is a smart personal device for creating perfumes within minutes through an application that acts as a social network where you can share your perfume with others.


Hassel application helps you discover the fresh produce of vegetables and fruits available each season. It also provides a separate mobile application for its drivers to guarantee the excellent and efficient service.


Studio Tanim produces cartoons and animated stories in a youthful, high quality, and in a way that reflects the local identity and culture. using 2D and 3D drawing techniques and the latest audio technologies.


Voxel provides 3D virtual tours for physical places using the latest technologies. They provide different subscription packages each with its own features. It can be embedded on any website in short time and users can start exploring on their smartphones, tablets, computers or Virtual Reality devices.


An audio books publishing website that produces and publishes fiction and non-fiction audio books in Arabic, in a voice that applies to the character of the book. Anyone can participate as a reader after a test.

7 Startups incubated In 3st Intake


Zid aims to help retailers from the micro/small size,to scale their sales and operations using the power of e-commerce. Zid provides the merchants with a handy tool to help them to exercise full e-commerce experience and creates a new sales channel for them.


A platform that collects geo-spatial (via drones) data on date palm trees, analyzes it and makes precise recommendations to farmers at a tree level to help farmers increase date production, quality and yield, and reduce losses caused by infestation.

1 Terminal

For busy professionals or people who live far away from their families who want to stay connected and can’t afford to spend time looking for the perfect gift for their loved once, we offer a convenient gift collection giving the experience that is delivered either to you or directly to the recipient.


Hadaj aims to connect the demand for sheep / sheep meet with the supply by streamlining the process by providing payments, transportation and quality assurance. Once tested, the services are easily scalable to any other animals (e.g., camels and horses).


A platform that helps businesses to optimize their in-house delivery operations. The product is delivery fleet management platform that helps fleet owners increase the efficiency of the delivery operations and optimize the delivery time and costs.


Thiban provides a platform to manage the sales operations and customer support to water bottling companies. While doing so, it offers customers the convenience to compare prices of a variety of water brands, order, and track delivery from their mobile phones.


Sayyer is a social assistant that will optimize gatherings with your friends, family and co-workers; and streamline all the services you need, and all the activities you share with them. Sayyer will guide users about the best time to meet with friends, keep record of financial settlements, offer ‘dinner choices’ the group will agree on, and so on.



Give customers access to their queue position and wait time Raise the service quality by tracking actionable statistical data A web based solution that is affordable, modern, and flexible.

7 Startups incubated In 2st Intake


Cloud platform to manage small and med business starting from sales to accounting reports



WalaPlus is a program aims to boost your employee’s level of job satisfaction by giving them a chance to great offers & discounts (Travel & Tourism, Gyms, Restaurants, and Online shopping…etc.)



Mrsool is an online logistics platform that links local shops to deliver products to consumers at their homes (mainly women who can’t afford private drivers) rely on those couriers to deliver them goods they need.


Tomooh an app that helps students prepare for Saudi standardized tests (e.g., Qiyas ans Tahsily.)




Nassaj is a ‘Skills Profiling’ and ‘Messaging Intelligence’ Product that enables better utilization of human/relational capital in any organization. It analyzes e-mail logs to understand the misalignment between the Organization Structure and the informal networks that exist within the company. Later, it identifies the communication bottlenecks and influencers within the organization (talent, change, and knowledge management).




Suplift is a peer-to-peer learning platform that helps people learn leisure skills and hobbies in their cities. Suplift provides the learners with access to real-life classes in their cities that are created by passionate local experts. Suplift provides the learners with access to real-life classes in their cities that are created by passionate local experts in those skills and hobbies.

4 startups incubated in 1st intake



A gaming solution that will bring back the high technology addicted children into real social life by our unique concept ” From Reality To Virtuality” , this concept is applied with a 3D game called Hero From The Past, this game lets you include real existing figurines into the game by just sliding them on the back of your smartphone




Is a specialized company that provides delivery services for individuals and businesses. It connects service providers to consumers with a simple, real-time and technology-based platform for reliable, safer and more accessible delivery option.


A mobile first social network that allow users to discover content related to geographical location. Users can upload content at link it to a specific location, other people that are visiting the same location can then consume this content and enrich their experience.

Map Numbers



An API to solve the locations addressing problems and having unique numbers. The aim is to enable the API to e-commerce stores to improve the customer experience.