inspireU is your place to achieve your dreams.. if you are a hardworking entrepreneur and you have a solution that you are looking to develop then we welcome you to take part in inspireU program.

we offer

access to an office space

logistic support, such as; facilitating work visas, a business license, and software needs, among many more

mentorship and hands-on training, allowing you to learn from leading experts in the region

Seed Grant

access to a wide range of investors that will financially support you on your journey

access to stc infrastructure and user base in order to test /improve and scale your digital product

international & Local exposure

customized curriculum to enrich your knowledge in building state of the art digital products and global companies

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our Partners

our Partners

what is our role in supporting the economy?

HudHud’s Development Journey



what is inspireU?


inspireU is the first corporate incubator /accelerator in the kingdom for    start-ups focused on ICT / digital innovation to support, enable, and empower entrepreneurship & digital innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


what is inspireU role in supporting the economy?

  • building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • a catalyst for economic growth, innovation and job creation
  • potential integration with stc's group
  • A key driver of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's thriving economy
  • contributes to Vision 2030 by supporting GDP-boosting startups and accelerating economic transformation


what is the duration of inspireU incubation period?

6 months


 when can I apply?

we are announcing that through our social media channels, as our application is open once a year.  


how can I apply?

through our website


who can apply?

entrepreneurs who have digital startups can apply to our program in the Pre-Seed and Seed stages ( inspireU general track only )  


is the funding expected to be returned at any given time?

the seed grant is not refundable.


do I have to move to the location during the incubation period?

yes, your presence is mandatory during the incubation period at the location of inspireU space (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). 

*please note that you must attend only during the workshops.

*if special circumstances the workshops will be taken online.


does the inspireU provide accommodation?



does inspireU take equity?

inspireU will not take equity from the startups. However, we have the first right of refusal. 

*you have to disclose this with your dedicated Relationship Manger 


 is having a team required?

we accept startups that are managed by one founder, but having a well-structured team is a benefit.


 who are inspireU partners?

you can find our partners our partners


for more information.

do not hesitate to contact us: